Cost of Unwinnable War in Afghanistan for 2011: $122 Billion

by Ben Hoffman

You don’t hear many any right-wing pundits complaining about dumping $122 Billion a year down the Afghanistan toilet, but they’re outraged that we’re spending about the same amount from the Stimulus on our own country because that’s “socialism.”

What’s so bad about socialism? Here are some examples of socialism in the U.S: Our national parks, highways, libraries, the Smithsonian, highways, bridges, the electric grid, Social Security, Medicare, trash collection, NASA, the police department, the fire department, our military… Socialism is necessary for services for the commons; otherwise, it’s fraught with corruption. That’s why medical insurance should be socialized. One could make the case that internet access should also be socialized.

As of last summer, the Stimulus created 3 million jobs. Source Republicans and right-wingers hate that we spent money on our own country but don’t mind it being squandered on other countries in the name of security.


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