Republicans Blocked Bills That Would Have Created Jobs In America

by Ben Hoffman

Right-wing sheep like to complain that Obama’s policies have failed, but two major bills that would have brought jobs back to America were blocked by Republican filibusters.

Senate Republicans on Thursday rejected a bill to aid small businesses with expanded loan programs and tax breaks, in a procedural blockade that underscored how fiercely determined the party’s leaders are to deny Democrats any further legislative accomplishments ahead of November’s midterm elections, The New York Times’s David M. Herszenhorn reported.


The bill would create a $30 billion lending program within the Treasury Department, to be administered through local banks. It would also provide more than $12 billion in tax breaks, and would expand or enhance existing lending programs.


Republicans had also wanted amendments on other topics, including the estate tax, nuclear loan guarantees, border security and the expiring Bush tax cuts.

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Washington (CNN) – Senate Republicans successfully blocked a bill from coming to the Senate floor Tuesday that Democrats claim would help keep American jobs from going overseas.

The Democratic bill would have ended certain tax breaks for companies expanding overseas while giving new tax incentives to businesses bringing jobs home.

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Republicans have yet to offer any bills that would create jobs, yet they are running on a platform that Obama’s policies aren’t working. The $550 billion in spending from the stimulus did indeed create or save millions of jobs. The $300 billion or so in tax cuts that were put in the stimulus to appease a few conservatives did very little to stimulate the economy. Right-wingers lie (as usual) and claim that the stimulus was a trillion dollars in wasteful spending and that’s what created the $14.5 trillion dollar debt.

Right-wingers live in a fantasy land.


8 Comments to “Republicans Blocked Bills That Would Have Created Jobs In America”

  1. Why would you think that this bill would create jobs , when all of the stimulus didn’t do anything ? A kindergartener could figure out how to create job growth . It really is easy , but you guys will never go for it , even if it will save your President .

  2. It really is easy , but you guys will never go for it , even if it will save your President .

    What’s your plan — ask God to create jobs? 🙂

  3. Mr. Hoffman ,

    ” What’s your plan — ask God to create jobs? 🙂 ”

    You know I had not thought of that , but I like the way you think . Now what is my plan ? Well first, if I was President Obama, I would declare victory in my war on American business . Then I would have the troops in that war , stand down . I am talking about the NLRB which is suing Boeing . Also I would have the EPA stop scaring American businesses with their carbon talk .

    There is $ 2 Trillion in Corporate money that is afraid to invest in America because no one knows what Government agency is going to attack them next . Capital in America is on strike . This is not brain surgery . President Obama still has enough time before the election to save the economy and his job .

    Actually there is one group of capitalists he should screw over . The giant hedge funds . They are the ones who drove up the prices of food and energy and hurt the economy and drove down Obama’s approval numbers . Unfortunately , the NY Times recently had an article about President Obama going to these same hedge funds for new campaign money , so I figure he won’t treat them the way he has treated the rest of American business .

  4. Mr. Hoffman ,

    I said I had a plan that would work . . What you guys did those first two years when you had humongous majorities in both Houses, plus the Presidency is the most disastrous failure since Jimmy Carter . Yet even though what you believe in failed, you reject out of hand my plan .

  5. GOP’s true goal is not to create jobs but to win the 2012 election. They will do and say anything to prevent the Democrats and the President from accomplishing economic improvements.

  6. So using your logic, Congress has nothing to do with creating jobs, this is something only a President must do, or is it just something this President must do. How many of the prior 43 Presidents were directly responsible for creating jobs, and how did they past Congress to do this? There is nothing wrong with being a biased person, but when you add being wrong to the mix, you tend to stand out just a little more.

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