Democrats In Self-Destruct Mode Over Weiner’s Weiner

by Ben Hoffman

Sure, Anthony Weiner did a dumb thing by sending out photos of himself in his underwear, but the media — including that ultra-liberal rag, the New York Times, as well as the Washington Post — are making it seem like some kind of crime has been committed. It would be hard to honestly make the claim that some kind of ethics code has been breached.

But now, high ranking Democrats such as Nancy Peloci and Debbie Wasserman are calling for Weiner’s resignation. And that illustrates the problem with the Democratic Party. (Yes, it’s called the “Democratic Party,” not the “Democrat Party” as right-wingers would have you believe.

People like team players. Until there is a serious breach of integrity or crime, we want to see our team working together for the good of the country, not haggling over some little emails that don’t affect our country one iota.

Anthony Weiner hurt his family and his own reputation, but that’s not our problem. It’s time to move on with more important issues like job creation and the national debt and deficits. Peloci and Wasserman are doing more harm than anything by calling for Weiner’s resignation.

One Comment to “Democrats In Self-Destruct Mode Over Weiner’s Weiner”

  1. You fail to see the possibility of Mr. Weiner leaving himself open for blackmail. He is married to Mrs. Clinton’s chief of staff or she’s at least a high ranking associate of Clinton … Secretary of State. This puts him in a compromising position with a very high ranking person within the U.S. government. I know this action seems harmless on the surface, but the underlying consequences could be devastating.
    Well, now that I think about it, what’s a little black mail within the Congress. They (Republicans and Democrats) have already sold out the United States.
    I don’t see why people on the left are so pissed. Obama is reassured of being re-elected. Jeez, focus on something else, like well, the foreskin ban in San Francisco. That’s right up the Liberal Alley!

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