Why Did Anthony Weiner Do What He Did?

by Ben Hoffman

Psychology is a fascinating subject, mainly because it involves trying to understand why people do what they do — especially when they do weird stuff. The term “weird stuff” is scientific term meaning ‘actions outside the accepted sociological norm.’

Why did Anthony Wiener send out those “provocative” photos of himself and engage in online sexual communications?
Well, just look at the guy. He’s a wimpy, nerdy looking guy who was probably picked on all through school. On top of his appearance, he has a funny surname, which undoubtedly provided more fodder for adolescent humor.

Most people with those things going against them wouldn’t get into politics, but he did, and has been successful. In the House, he hasn’t become just another Representative going with the flow. He has become a high-profile politician who speaks out on the House floor and regularly appears on TV news programs. He now has power over those who mocked and humiliated him earlier in his life, and with power comes corruption.

Perhaps there remains a bit of insecurity. Obviously, the guy works out a lot, but he still looks like a skinny little wimp when he wears a suit. That might explain for the need to expose himself though revealing photographs.

It’s an embarrassing situation for Weiner and his family. He should have just admitted that he screwed up and it might have just blown over. It’s really no big deal. Nobody got hurt. Sure he lied about it, but so what? George W. Bush lied us into war and didn’t have to resign. And that lie cost 100s of thousands of lives and about three trillion dollars.


5 Comments to “Why Did Anthony Weiner Do What He Did?”

  1. What he sent wasn’t even dirty. You see guys in their underwear on prime time TV commercials. Big deal. His underwear just happened to be packin’. If he would have just replied “Oops!” when the reporters asked him to start with then it would have been fine. Or said, “My bad, that was a joke I was sending to my wife” and walked away, that would have been the end of it. But when ya start weaving a tale – that’s when the trouble starts. I think the bigger question is – who HASN’T engaged in some kind of sexual word play, picture play etc. with technology these days? Used to be guys would take Polaroids of their dicks. Then video cameras edged the bar a bit higher. Really, Americans are such prudes. The European friends I have who’ve heard about our politicians recent screw ups laugh. America – land of the free and home of the prudes.

  2. ” Nobody got hurt. ”

    There sure are a lot of nobodies . Congressman Weiner’s wife , his staff , his colleagues in the Congress who believed his lies that he was hacked , and the American public who have to witness yet another public official making a fool of himself . The Europeans are no ones to laugh at anybody . They can’t even handle Libya without being bailed out by us .

  3. prudes? because we have morals? He had a wife, that’s the problem with it….duh!

  4. His wife is so beautiful! What was she thinking to be with this dumb loser. He should have been thanking his lucky stars he has such a wife. Pathetic man.

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