Colorado Lawmaker Wants To Cut 5,500 Jobs

by Ben Hoffman

Doug Lamborn (a.k.a. dipshit)

Conservatives are hard to parody because you can make up the craziest shit about them, and it won’t be all that different from what you read in the news.

Here’s an example. At a time in what many are calling the Great Recession, with dismal job creation numbers, and over 9% unemployment, this asshole wants to cut funding from a good program in Colorado that has made us a leader in renewable energy research and development, and cutting that funding will result in the loss of 5,500 jobs.

DENVER (AP) – Colorado congressman Doug Lamborn is one of nine House members asking that funds be yanked from programs that finance the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in suburban Denver.

The lawmakers ask that funding in the 2012 budget be eliminated for the Department of Energy’s Office of Science and Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy programs because they “have failed to live up to their supposed potential.”

Perlmutter said in a statement that the lab affects more than 5,500 public and private jobs in Colorado.

“These are good jobs here and good jobs now for thousands of Coloradans,” Perlmutter said. “Their innovation and technological advancements, both in the public and private sector, will lead our nation toward long term economic security and energy independence.”

The national lab contributes $714 million to the Colorado economy, according to an analysis released by the University of Colorado earlier this year. The full-time workforce grew from 917 in 2007 to the current 2,300.

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Republicans never ask: “What’s best for our country.”

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