A Question Never Asked By A Right-Winger: What Is Best For Our Country?

by Ben Hoffman

Cutting government programs at a time of high unemployment?
Bad for our country.

It will result in more unemployment and take money out of the economy, which will further depress our already stagnant economy. We’ll have to pay the laid off workers unemployment compensation, which will offset the cost savings.

Cutting money for education will hurt our ability to compete in the world economy. Fewer people will be able to get an education, which will fuel the flood of skilled jobs overseas. People without higher education tend to earn far less than those with it; thus, they will pay less in taxes, which will fuel our deficits.

Cutting money for infrastructure hurts businesses. We need a good transportation system to get around and to help people get to work. We need an upgraded electric grid so we can make use of more efficient energy sources and reduce our dependency on foreign oil.

Cutting money for the EPA will result in more contaminated food sold to the public and more people getting sick from pollution.

Raising the age when people are eligible for Social Security and Medicare will increase the size of our workforce, which will create more unemployment.

Raising taxes might make some of us tighten our belts a little — those of us who are still working after Conservative policies decimated our economy, that is. Raising taxes on the wealthy won’t affect our economy at all. Repealing the Bush tax cuts would help us balance our budget, which might still save our country, but that’s the last thing right-wingers care about. It’s all about emotion to them.

Placing tariffs on goods made in countries where they allow slave wages would bring jobs back to America. Right-wingers would rather our country allow slave wages here. That would be the end of America as a great nation.


4 Comments to “A Question Never Asked By A Right-Winger: What Is Best For Our Country?”

  1. And the sad thing is that those policies will ultimately hurt those who are advocating for them. Just like greed caused the financial meltdown it will cripple our country, even those who are at the top.

  2. Let’s cut funding to defense projects that are 20 years behind the times and not needed. Let’s stop building cold war weapons and get with the current century. Let’s stop paying defense contractors for merchandise they haven’t delivered or are so many years behind schedule and over budget they will never see the light of day yet we keep paying them. Cutting defense wasteful spending is not unAmerican as the Repub’s would like us to believe. It is American. Give those wasted bucks to the military men and women who have earned it. Put that money into their medical care. Give them a livable wage. You’d save billions, we’d have more people enlisting and we’d save a mint.

  3. You don’t have any idea of what you’re talking (writing in this case) about. “People getting sick from pollution” … uh, like give a couple examples of that; and what does the EPA have to do with “contaminated food”?
    You are right about one thing … Raising taxes on the wealthy won’t affect our economy at all. We don’t have a tax problem. We have a spending problem. HELLO … SPENDING PROBLEM!

    • We have a spending problem. HELLO … SPENDING PROBLEM!

      Yes, yes… That’s what you’re told to think. We know. There’s no logic behind it, though. Cutting spending at a time of high unemployment will just create more unemployment and pain for our country.

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