In search of a crime: Rep. Patrick T. McHenry(R) accuses Elizabeth Warren of lying

by Ben Hoffman

Republicans are desperately trying to destroy the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, since it represents the interest of the people and not corporations. Today North Carolina Rep. Patrick T. McHenry(R) accused Elizabeth Warren of giving misleading testimony at a March hearing and of lying about her agreement to testify this week. McHenry is chairman of a subcommittee of the House Oversight Committee.

The controversy is over advice Warren gave to officials of the Treasury and Justice Departments about their investigations of fraud among mortgage-servicing companies and about their settlement discussions with the companies. The Republicans were trying to entrap Warren into answering a trick question with a “yes” or “no” answer so they could prosecute her for lying.

Republicans represent corporations in America — not the people — and they’re doing everything they can to dismantle prosecutions of those involved in the collapse of our economy. Here’s a little background on Patrick T. McHenry…

In an effort to bolster his own national security credentials […] Congressman Patrick McHenry (R-NC) gave away intelligence information […] that could have aided Shi’ite militias and/or other terrorist organizations in targeting the Green Zone. Read more…

Use of PAC funds

On April 16, 2008, Capitol Hill newspaper Roll Call revealed that McHenry used funds from his PAC, “More Conservatives”, to fund the defense of former aide Michael Aaron Lay’s voter fraud charges incurred during McHenry’s 2004 race. McHenry gave Lay $20,000 to pay legal bills on voter fraud charges brought while Lay worked for him. These expenses were labeled as “Legal Expense Donation”, according to FEC reports. Lay agreed to a deferred prosecution agreement, which stipulated he complete 100 hours of community service and pay $240.50 in court fees and $250.00 in community service fees to have the charges dismissed. Lay, an employee of the 2004 campaign, lived in McHenry’s home in Cherryville which also served as the campaign headquarters during the 2004 election, was indicted for voter fraud in McHenry’s election, allegedly voted illegally in two separate instances.

Countrywide donations
McHenry has also been called out by the Center for Responsive Politics’ Capital Eye, who found evidence that McHenry had been taking money from Countrywide Financial, a company now involved in the subprime mortgage crisis. McHenry took $5,500 from Countrywide’s PAC, and served in an investigation into CEO payout fraud, of which one of the target companies was Countrywide Financial itself.

Read more…


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