Medicare and Social Security going broke sooner than expected, due to conservative policies

by Ben Hoffman

The government says that a bad economy has shortened the life of the trust funds that support the nation’s two biggest benefit programs.

The annual checkup said that the Medicare hospital insurance fund will now be exhausted in 2024, five years earlier than last year’s estimate.

The new report says that the Social Security trust fund will be exhausted in 2036, one year earlier than before.

The trustees for the trust funds said in their annual report that the worsening financial picture emphasized the need for Congress to make changes to avoid disruptive consequences in the future for millions of people who depend on health and pension benefits.


There are some easy fixes to the Social Security problem.

First, cut off benefits to the wealthy. John McCain doesn’t need to be collecting welfare when he and his wife are worth millions.

Second, eliminate the income cutoff point for Social Security taxes. Currently, most people have their entire incomes taxed for Social Security. But for the wealthy, only the first $102,000 is taxed.

Of course, if we do that, right-wingers will whine that “it’s not fair to the wealthy!” Right-wingers are just whiny-assed, over emotional little children who should be bitch-slapped until they get a little sense.

As far as Medicare, there are a lot of things that could bring down costs, like competitive bidding for drugs and the elimination of Medicare Advantage, which is a giant scam.

But the biggest problem is the economy. Conservative tax policies have resulted in the massive export of our jobs overseas. Until we do something about that, our economy is screwed.


4 Comments to “Medicare and Social Security going broke sooner than expected, due to conservative policies”

  1. Tip O”Neil and Reagan really did fix SS in the 80’s – for another two generations. And they assumed that reasonable congresses would do it again when needed. Not going to happen.

    The fixes, as you describe them, are there. They’re always there. But the damn republicans feel so empowered over this issue – so much more than ever before – that they’re going to dig in and try to take the whole thing down yet again. IT’ll be over the debt ceiling.

    Did you see Mitch McConnell on News Hour (last ngiht)? He laid it out right there. Stunning actually.

    • If the Democrats ever grow a spine, they’ll actually call Republicans on this during the next election. Their strategy should be to lay it on the table: If people want to end SS and Medicare, they should vote Republican. If they want to save them, they should vote Democrat. Let’s see how that plays out since the overwhelming majority likes those programs.

  2. “Right-wingers are just whiny-assed, over emotional little children who should be bitch-slapped until they get a little sense.”

    I love it!

    What I don’t love is the fact that there will more than likely be no Social Security or Medicare when it’s time for me to retire. The economy and an ugly divorce has forced me to plunder my 401K so many times, that I’m starting to feel like a Somali Pirate.

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