Los Alamitos, CA high school teachers required to balance science with right-wing spin on science

by Ben Hoffman

Los Alamitos Unified will require teachers of controversial subjects to prove political balance to the school board each year.

Before Los Alamitos High School science teachers can tackle topics such as global warming, they will have to demonstrate to the school board that the course is politically balanced.

A new environmental science course prompted the Los Alamitos Unified School District on Tuesday to rewrite its policy for teaching controversial subject matter. Concerned that “liberal” faculty members could skew lessons on global warming, the board of education unanimously voted to make teachers give an annual presentation on how they’re teaching the class.

“I believe my role in the board is to represent the conservative voice of the community and I’m not a big fan of global warming,” said board member Jeffrey Barke, who led the effort. “The teachers wanted [the class], and we want a review of how they are teaching it.”

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Global climate change isn’t a controversial subject in the science community. The vast majority of scientists around the world support the theory of anthropomorphic global climate change. It’s only in politics that there’s a controversy.

It turns out this Jeffrey Barke, who is not a big fan of science, is an actual medical doctor who treats people with medical problems. Yikes!


2 Comments to “Los Alamitos, CA high school teachers required to balance science with right-wing spin on science”

  1. Climate change is a natural occurance. Been going on for eons. Man-made climate change is a hoax.

  2. Sounds like the Koch Brothers throwing grant money at certain universities, in order to teach courses the Koch way, which is nothing but bullshit.

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