Countdown With Keith Olbermann: June 20

by Ben Hoffman

Yep, Keith is coming back! He’ll be on Current TV and his new show will have the same name as his old show. More to come…

Watch his video

Okay right-wingers, throw your hissy-fits. 🙂

2 Comments to “Countdown With Keith Olbermann: June 20”

  1. Why bother.
    The rating for a test pattern is probably hire than that Al Gore lovefest channel.
    But I guess the leftist fringe needs some place to get their hate talking points.

  2. Keith gets a younger demographic than Fox news.
    The future belong to the Democrats, they are winning big with the under 40 year old age group of all races, as well as winning big with the growing large Hispanic group in the U.S..
    The Republicans have an old demographic.

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