For Conservatives, the Dumber the Better: Matt Drudge Profile

by Ben Hoffman

I’ve been using the name The Drudge Retort for my blog for a few years, but I have to admit, I never looked into the background of the Matt Drudge character who provides thousands of right-wing sheep with their “news.” Well, here is a segment from Wikipedia, and it ain’t pretty.

Matthew Drudge was raised in Takoma Park, Maryland, near Washington, DC. His parents are Reform Jewish Democrats who both worked for the federal government, and he is their only child. His father, Robert Drudge, a former social worker who owns the reference site and his mother, a former staff attorney for U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy, divorced when he was six. Drudge went to live with his mother. He had few friends and was an avid news reader and radio talk show fan. In his book Drudge Manifesto, Drudge reports that he “failed his Bar Mitzvah”, and graduated 341st out of a class of 355 from Northwood High School in 1984, thus giving himself, in his words, a “more than adequate curriculum vitae for a post at 7-Eleven”.

In an article for New York Magazine, Philip Weiss says Drudge was arrested on June 18, 1981, for making harassing telephone calls., and that Drudge went to live with his father on a farm on the eastern shore of Maryland. Weiss adds Drudge’s father sent him back to Washington to live with his mother, who was unemployed at the time. Drudge was placed in psychiatric treatment with Jewish Social Services and it was recommended that he be sent to a boarding school, “and if not the last choice will be a foster home” (from court papers).

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4 Comments to “For Conservatives, the Dumber the Better: Matt Drudge Profile”

  1. There is a fine line between intelligence and being a moron. Was Eiestien a moron? If you base you test on how someone performs as a child, you are putting a lot of limits on your testing. It seems to me that a better evaluation would be on what they have accomplished, by that standard he is smarter than you and I.

  2. Remember when Druge Report was new alnd because it was a novelty it literalaly DROVE that national convesation? The media just couldn’t quote him enough. Yech.

    (the READ MORE link isn’t working Ben)

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