Brain Volume Reductions Found in Right-Wingers

by Ben Hoffman

Brain scans of right-wingers reveal brain structure differences that may be linked to their anti-intellectualism, according to new research out of the UK.

Neuroscientists used magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to measure particular regions in the brains of 65 right-wingers as well as 27 people who did not show any symptoms of the disorder.

“Studies such as this are tremendously important in understanding why someone would become a conservative. Only when we are confident that we understand why the disorder develops can we apply this knowledge to the further development and evaluation of treatments.

“The disorder has a devastating impact on families, communities, and our nation as a whole and at the moment, we have few effective treatments,” said Dr. Andy Calder from the University of Cambridge and the Medical Research Council Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit.

The research findings revealed that the neocortex and frontal lobe were severely underdeveloped, and the parietal lobe, amygdala and insula are virtually non-existent in people who are conservative.

The brain differences were apparent no matter the age of onset for the disorder, whether it surfaced during childhood or adolescence.

Significantly, the right-wingers who were most opinionated had the greatest reduction in frontal lobe volume.

Previous studies have shown that the volumes of certain brain structures associated with conservatism have been linked to childhood-onset brain damage. However, adolescence-onset right-wing disorder was typically thought to manifest solely by being hit repeated on the head.

The current research suggests otherwise and offers a possible neurological basis for these challenging problems.

“Changes in grey matter volume in these areas of the brain could explain why right-wingers have difficulties in recognizing facts as apposed to opinions and lies. Further studies are now needed to investigate whether these changes in brain structure are a cause or a consequence of the disorder,” the researchers noted.

“We hope that our results will contribute to existing psychosocial strategies for detecting children at high risk for developing right-wing disorder.”

Source: University of Cambridge


4 Comments to “Brain Volume Reductions Found in Right-Wingers”

  1. Its a wonder they have any brains at all.

  2. LOL – I just started looking at Drudge retort for balance to the Drudge report. I did not realize this was a comedy site. This article is a joke, there is no such report.

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