U.S. has $100 of millions for bombs but no money for teachers

by Ben Hoffman

As of Sunday evening, the number of Tomahawk missiles dropped by NATO forces — mainly from the U.S. thus far — on Libya stands at 124, according to Vice Adm. Bill Gortney, director of the U.S. Joint Staff, and as reported by multiple news outlets.

According to The National Journal, each of those Tomahawk lobbed into Libya as part of “Operation Odyssey Dawn” cost up to $1.5 million:

For the U.S. military, the highest costs come in the form of pricey munitions, fuel for aircraft and combat pay for deployed troops – all factors that will pile up each day U.S. forces remain at the helm of the operation.

On the first day of strikes alone, U.S.-led forces launched from ships stationed off the Libyan coast 112 long-range Tomahawk cruise missiles, which cost in the range of $1 million to $1.5 million apiece. That is $112 million to $168 million for the first day’s strike in missiles alone. The military will eventually refill its stockpile though those costs could be pushed off for months or more.

With those figures, the 124 Tomahawk missiles have cost up to $186 million.


That says a lot about our priorities and why the U.S. is no longer an exceptional country. Gone are the days when we did great things. We built the Panama canal when other countries tried and failed. We led the world in new technologies and were the envy of almost all other nations. Now we lead the world in accumulated debt. We have a country full of self-centered spoiled little brats whose only concern is the amount of taxes they have to pay and they don’t want to be told to buy florescent light bulbs because “it’s taking away our freedoms.” Even with the current economic situation, people are still not looking at what’s best for our country. We live in a “me” society and that has led to the end of American exceptionalism.

9 Comments to “U.S. has $100 of millions for bombs but no money for teachers”

  1. The GOP says no more funding for NPR because they’re to “Liberal”, slash fuel assistance for the needy, yet no problem in throwing all the money they want to the boys at the Pentagon. Two wars, started by Bush & Co., and this bomb throwing on Libya. Who’s next in their sights?

  2. well all those millions down the proverbial drain ,what next,who said the people wanted to spend this money and where did the govt get the permission to do so ,personally i dont care how many muslims ghadaffi kills and better the devil you know ,i know this one is a devious piece of shit who has been quiet since the bomb just missed him,i dont know about the al quaida people who want to take control but i dont trust them at all and that the weapos that were in bengazzi are now in al quaida hands

  3. Tax payers along with Norman Braman, the local car mogul who lead the effort to recall Mayor Carlos Alvarez, are outraged about the hefty pay-out former county manager George Burgess will receive.

    Burgess’ contract for the next year states that he will get his $326,000, $3,000 per month expense account, $600 car allowance– although he has already turned in his county car– plus $158,000 in unused sick and vacation time. The terms were first approved by the commission in 2003, after Alvarez became a strong mayor. The terms were approved by him.

    “Unfortunately it’s a contract, and it’s a bad contract,” said Miami-Dade County Commissioner Carlos Gimenez.

    But don’t worry, public sector Unions are not corrupt. 🙂

  4. Democrats are the worst when it comes to war, just look at Vietnam.
    Concerning teacher’s pay, that is a state issue not fed.

  5. I do remember that “Tricky” Dick Nixon was president too, during the Vietnam war, and don’t forget the secret bombing of Cambodia. So don’t going blaming it all on the Democrats.

  6. Don, it was the Democrats who got us into that mess. Nixon, in an attempt to save face, tried to win a war that was already lost.

    Watch the Bill Moyers video clips in this link, you will see that the war was already doomed before we got into it.

    Since the 1960’s Democrats have always left the nation in worse condition then found it.
    Now we have another Democrat fixing to do it again.

    • [Since the 1960′s Democrats have always left the nation in worse condition then found it.]

      That’s a load of crap. Clinton came into office with a slumping economy and large deficits and left office with a balanced budget (or nearly balanced), low unemployment, and successful foreign policies. He did, however, sign conservative legislation into law that helped destroy the world economy.

      Carter came into office with high unemployment and left with slightly lower unemployment, and no new wars. We did have the energy crisis under Carter, but at least he was smart enough to recognize that we needed to lessen our dependency on foreign oil.

      Johnson, well he did a few good things, but Vietnam is his.

      Okay, now let’s look at Republicans…
      Bush, Jr. came into office with a balanced budget and low unemployment and left with the worst economic disaster since the Great Depression. He doubled the national debt, got us into two unwinnable wars, and was largely responsible for the flood of manufacturing jobs to China. Deficits were well over a trillion dollars during his final fiscal year.

      Bush, Sr. invaded Panama, murdering thousands of innocent people, and presided over a deep recession.

      Reagan tripled the national debt, armed Iran, Iraq, and the Mujahideen that would become Al Quaeda and attack the U.S. in 2001, killing 3,000 people. His deregulation led to the S&L crisis and government bailout.

      Nixon extended the Vietnam war for political purposes and would have been thrown out of office if he didn’t resign. We also had gas rationing from the oil crisis.

      There’s no comparison. Republicans (and conservative Democrats) have destroyed our country.

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