GOP: Working For America, Ridding Us of “Click and Clack”

by Ben Hoffman

Republicans have the solutions: cut government spending and cut taxes. That will fix everything. And if it doesn’t, cut more government spending and taxes until it does. Just keep cutting and cutting. It’s so easy, even a teabagger can do it!

Rep. Weiner agrees:

4 Comments to “GOP: Working For America, Ridding Us of “Click and Clack””

  1. The smaller the government the better off the nation will be.
    The root meaning of the word govern is control, the less government the more freedom we have, it’s that simple.

    • That is pretty simple, but it’s not making our country better. Capitalism is better off when it’s well regulated. The people are better off when we have clean air to breathe and water to drink. We’re better off when food industries are well regulated so we don’t have to worry about eating tainted foods. We’re better off when the government maintains our infrastructure and builds transportation systems. We’re all better off when we have the means to go to college. We’re better off with safety regulations in the workplace. We’d be better off with government run health insurance so we’re not being gouged by greedy insurers.

      And the list goes on…

  2. No war for Oil Mr President!

  3. How do you rate the way Barack Obama is handling economic issues as President.excellent, good, fair or poor?
    A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey of Likely Voters show that just 31% rate Obamas handling of economic issues as good or excellent. Forty-five percent (45%) say the president is doing a poor job handling these issues.

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