Walker Gets Punked — Accepts Call From Fake David Koch!

by Ben Hoffman

An alternative paper in Buffalo, New York, which prides itself on being about as beastly as the subjects they cover, claims they’ve managed to trick Governor Scott Walker into taking a call from one of their editor posing as tea party tycoon David Koch.

A few highlights included the alleged governor warning the phony oil baron that Wisconsin House Rep. Tim Cullen, a Democrat who’s voted with Republicans on numerous issues, was “not one of us;” Walker supposedly commenting that he’s “got the layoff notices ready” and bragging that he’s got a baseball bat with his name on it; and accepting an offer to be flown out to California for “a good time.”

The call also allegedly reveals that Wisconsin Republicans are planning to hold Democrats’ paychecks hostage by changing the rules to end direct deposit, placing their printed checks in their desks on the floor of the senate, forcing them to physically come in to pick them up.

The voice alleged to be Walker also said he was trying to find ways to prosecute Wisconsin Democrats on ethical violations if they accepted favors from union organizers.

Moments later in the call recording, Walker allegedly accepts an offer for similar favors from the fake Koch.

Charles and David Koch, two key financiers of the Republican tea parties, were also major financiers of Walker’s bid for the Wisconsin governor’s office. Their political action committee gave Walker roughly $100,000 in campaign contributions during the 2010 election, according to campaign finance records highlighted by Mother Jones.

The contributions came from the same source — Koch Industries PAC — and though through two channels which were both legal under current campaign finance law.

About $43,000 worth of PAC monies went directly to Walker’s campaign, while the Republican Governors Association (RGA) sent $65,000 from the PAC to Walker. Wisconsin’s governor also received help from the RGA by way of a $3.4 million ad buy on television and direct mail attacks against his political opponent, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.

As if the connection weren’t clear enough, the Koch brothers front group Americans for Prosperity produced a website called standwithwalker.com, encouraging people to support elimination of labor union rights.

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4 Comments to “Walker Gets Punked — Accepts Call From Fake David Koch!”

  1. LOL, I called Governer John Kasich’s office yesterday and asked to talk to him as to why the state house was locking out those who wanted their voices heard. I guess I took the wrong approach because he wouldn’t talk to me and his secretary wouldn’t provide me any answers.

  2. What are you 5 years old?
    Very Childish.
    What’s next spitwads and toilet paper?

    • That’s a great idea! I’ll try that the next time I’m out exercising my right to democracy and free speech. Hopefully you’re standing close by so that I can give you a wedgie. Although I doubt that you would come down from your ivory tower long enough to mingle with us unwashed masses.

  3. Would that be before or after you flee from voting??

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