Save America! Raise Taxes!!! Cut Defense Spending!!!

by Ben Hoffman

Our country is sinking deeper and deeper into the massive debt abyss. We can’t simply keep piling up this debt. We’re paying 1/2 a trillion dollars a year just on interest on the debt.

States are cutting funding for education, police, fire fighters, infrastructure, and services. The result will be higher unemployment. And the wealthy just keep getting richer, profiting from the mess they caused.

It’s time to raised taxes, first on the rich, then on everybody else. We’re spending too much money on defense, with much of that money not doing anyone any good except for the war profiteers.

Raise taxes and cut defense spending. It’s the only way to save America.

3 Comments to “Save America! Raise Taxes!!! Cut Defense Spending!!!”

  1. We all need to make less money and the Government needs to spend more.
    That’s the perfect solution!

  2. Yeah, make America less safe … Ben, why don’t you volunteer to pay more taxes? You could be a hero!
    What you said to Indyfromaz was unkind. You should try to be gentler in your responses.

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