Our Country Is Full Of Idiots (from both parties)

by Ben Hoffman

These are the results from the latest Gallop poll where respondents were asked: “Who do you regard as the greatest United States President?”


To be fair, the survey population consisted of 800 people with landlines and 200 with cell phones only. The landline crowd tends to be older and more conservative, thus skewing the results towards the idiot range. The cell phone respondents may have been young, which would explain the high rankings of Clinton.

6 Comments to “Our Country Is Full Of Idiots (from both parties)”

  1. I don’t necessarily agree with you on Reagan, which is I think your main point. However, I’d agree it does make sense that so many votes are for Presidents that people personally remember.

    I think times were good under Clinton, but how much was luck versus good governance isn’t so clear. I think Bush Jr. was unquestionable a disaster. Andrew Jackson should likely rank higher, though he treated native americans in an unforgivable fashion.

    The pre-20th century Presidency was a much weaker office than from Teddy Roosevelt on, so maybe that also accounts for it, but I think its more lack of knowledge of history.

  2. I would agree Reagan would fall after Lincon, Washington, and FDR. I think he might still make it into a group with TR and Truman.

    Put me in the idiot box.

  3. The poll is badly misnamed. A better name would be “My Favorite President.” Incidentally my greatest would be Lincoln, FDR, Jefferson, Washington, Truman, Teddy Roosevelt. LBJ is a personal favorite because he was a New Dealer and though in the shadow of FDR, he was a man of the people. Vietnam of course sullies his legacy which would otherwise place him among the greatest.

    Worst are GWB, Reagan, Clinton, Buchanan, Hoover and then a bushel full of mediocrities. Your guess is as good as mine.

  4. I Agree on your point that people from both parties are idiots.

    Why Lincoln and Washington don’t rank in the top two, is beyond me…

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