Protests Intensify In Madison – Now 60,000 Strong!!!

by Ben Hoffman

MADISON, Wis. — As lawmakers continue to trade barbs over what will happen next, supporters and opponents of Gov. Scott Walker gathered in Downtown Madison on Saturday Crowds have been estimated at 60,000, according to Madison police.

Democrats and union leaders said they’re willing to agree to parts of the proposal that would double their health insurance contributions and require them to contribute 5.8 percent of their salary to their pensions. But they want to keep their collective bargaining rights.

But, Wisconsin Republican Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald said a bill taking away collective bargaining rights from public employees is not negotiable and will pass as is.
Protests Intensify In Madison
Fitzgerald said Saturday terms of the bill are not negotiable. He is calling on Democrats who left town Thursday to return to take up the bill. Fitzgerald said the Senate can meet within three hours if Democrats are ready to return.

Walker said on Friday he is prepared for the legislative stalemate over his proposal taking away collective bargaining rights from public employees to drag on into next week.

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8 Comments to “Protests Intensify In Madison – Now 60,000 Strong!!!”

  1. Democrats are cowards, they run when tough decisions have got to be made.
    Run and hide little liberals, run and hide.

  2. They’re hiding out.
    I heard around the campfire that Wisconsin is going to start bringing other bills to the floor on Monday, smart move.

  3. I love the site… Starting my “opinion” site and came across yours! Drudge Retort! Thats the best… I’ll spread the word

  4. Sounds like a smart move on the Democrats part, The rethuglicans have used stalling tactics to their advantage for years.


    The only thing Wisconsin can’t do is the budget unless they have quorum.
    Anything else they want to do just needs a majority vote.

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