More Proof That Bush Lied Us Into War

by Ben Hoffman

Lawrence Wilkerson, former chief of staff to Colin Powell, appeared on “MSNBC Live” tonight and discussed Powell’s role as Secretary of State during the lead-up to the Iraq War. Wilkerson said he believes that Former Vice President Dick Cheney’s office “manipulated” Powell into justifying the case for war and that “the Secretary of State was not told the complete truth.” He went on to state his belief that the Bush Administration was “using” Powell due to his respected reputation.

A key moment in the interview comes when host Cenk Uygur asks Wilkerson about Powell’s speech to the United Nations in which Powell made the case for war:
Uygur: Do you think the Vice President’s office manipulated you and Secretary Powell into giving a speech?

Wilkerson: Absolutely. Absolutely.

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Bush needs to be prosecuted for this. We are a country of laws and no person is above the law. Crimes have been committed yet no one is being prosecuted. It’s unAmerican.


2 Comments to “More Proof That Bush Lied Us Into War”

  1. It makes me nuts to hear all the teeveee talkers breathlessly report this – every single bit of ‘new info’ has been well established years ago, books have been written about curveball, german intelligence, brit intelligence, our own analysts at CIA screaming ‘don’t beleive this guy’. But Rumsfeld’s little ‘office of special projects’ plucked out whateve3r htey damn well pleased. And went with it.

    Rumsfeld, Cheney, Bush and about a half dozen others – committed crimes – against humanity and against hte American people and violated dozens of treaties.

    I am just spitting mad all over again.

  2. MARCH 19, 2011
    OBAMA: ‘Today we are part of a broad coalition. We are answering the calls of a threatened people. And we are acting in the interests of the United States and the world’…

    MARCH 19, 2003
    BUSH: ‘American and coalition forces are in the early stages of military operations to disarm Iraq, to free its people and to defend the world from grave danger’…

    I wonder if the Swedes want there Nobel Prize back? 🙂

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