Doctors, Nurses, Therapists Arrested For Medicare Fraud

by Ben Hoffman

Federal agents raided health care facilities in nine states this morning, arresting dozens of suspects believed to be defrauding Medicare of tens of millions of dollars.

Federal authorities say this is one of the largest — if not the largest — take-down of Medicare fraud suspects ever conducted.

The raids began this morning in the pre-dawn hours. The targets: more than 100 doctors, nurses, therapists and healthcare company executives who have allegedly been stealing tax dollars to the tune of $200 million in recent months. Much of the fraud involved healthcare professionals billing the government for medical services never performed and medicine not provided.

“With this takedown, we have identified and shut down large-scale fraud schemes operating throughout the country. We have safeguarded precious taxpayer dollars. And we have helped to protect our nation’s most essential health care programs, Medicare and Medicaid,” said Attorney General Holder. “As today’s arrests prove, we are waging an aggressive fight against health care fraud.”


The Department of Human Services estimates that Medicare fraud cost taxpayers more than $24 billion, just in 2009. HHS Inspector General Daniel Levinson told Congress recently that 1,300 investigations in the past year alone have resulted in 500 Medicare fraud convictions, and an estimated $3 billion in recovered funds. Because of the massive scale of the fraud, special Medicare strike forces were created beginning in 2007 to try to stem the flood of taxpayer dollars flowing to illegal operations.

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