Boycott the Super Bowl! It’s Socialism!!!

by Ben Hoffman

The National Football League Players Association, or NFLPA, is the labor union of players in football’s National Football League. They are affiliated with the Socialist AFL-CIO that is destroying our country by circumventing our free market and having “big brother” tell businesses what to pay their employees.

We need a free market in football. We need to eliminate the barriers to entry into the industry and allow the free market to work its wonders. Anyone who wants to work hard should be able to join the NFL and even create their own team. A free market ALWAYS improves efficiency and drives down costs. With a free market NFL, ticket prices will go down and the quality will go up.

This Super Bowl is especially of interest because one of the teams is a not-for-profit entity. It is the only non-profit, community-owned franchise in American professional sports major leagues. That goes against everything this country stands for!!! The United States is a country where any enterprising individual can create a multi-billion dollar corporation that doesn’t pay any taxes and buy a football team.

Boycott the Super Bowl! It’s Socialism!!!


7 Comments to “Boycott the Super Bowl! It’s Socialism!!!”

  1. Leave the partisan sarcasm to the experts. You aren’t very good at it.

  2. Ben said “This Super Bowl is especially of interest because one of the teams is a not-for-profit entity”

    Wait… which one?

  3. Holy Batman! I never knew that. Do they get a say on whom the coach is, what jersey’s they’ll use that year? What kind of power over the team do they have?

  4. Also the Packers are paid the least of all the NFL teams and they’ve won more champtionships than anyone else. Socialism works!

  5. I am boycotting this year’s SUper Bowl for other reasons than socialismA

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