Obama Takes Matters Into His Own Hands In Egypt

by Ben Hoffman

Twelve days into an uprising in Egypt that threatens to upend American strategy in the Middle East, the Barack Obama decided to take matters into his own hands.

Here he is leading the fight against Mubarak after receiving a thumping on the head from Hillary Clinton:

Obama said he was tired of waiting to determine if a democratic revolution can succeed while President Hosni Mubarak remains in office, even if his powers are neutered and he is sidelined from negotiations over the country’s future.

“With Sarah Palin criticizing my every move, I felt it was time to take action and lead the revolution,” Obama said. “Once we overthrow Mubarak, we’re going to reform health care and implement a stimulus package. And then play some golf.”


3 Responses to “Obama Takes Matters Into His Own Hands In Egypt”

  1. If only he would grow a spine and stand up to everyone! But he won’t. Obama is a corporatist wimp. Or “Bush Light”, as I heard someone call him on the radio here recently.

  2. Hell I say we take the middle east, lets grow America, just take the world.Call it The World of America.


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