by Ben Hoffman

Well over a million lives have been aborted in our illegal wars in and occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan. Many children have been killed by our reckless bombing of villages. Our military refers to them as collateral damage, but these are lives of innocent civilians whose lives have been aborted!

The total cost of the two Bush wars is estimated to be three trillion dollars when it’s all over. We had hopes that Obama would end this insanity, but not only has he continued the failed policies of the Bush administration, he’s escalated the war in Afghanistan and increased the DOD budget.

It’s time we cut off funding for these wars. Stop the funding of abortions carried out by our military and the military industrial complex. NOW!



  1. You do know abortions are performed BEFORE they are born right??
    Or were you so far off your meds today that that fact was one of those you just ignored??

  2. Not if you think abortions happen on children already born he’s not.
    Which you seem to.

  3. It is almost like satire does not exist for some people. Wow 🙂

  4. That was satire??
    Boy, no wonder liberalism is a mental disorder…

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