Now We’re Talkin’: Vermont Lawmakers Lay Groundwork For Single Payer System In Place Of Obamacare

by Ben Hoffman

WASHINGTON — Vermont officials are beginning what promises to be a provocative push for a statewide single-payer health insurance system that would take the place of President Barack Obama’s signature health care law, the state’s lone congressman said Wednesday.

Rep. Peter Welch (D-Vt.) told The Huffington Post that his state’s local and national lawmakers were “looking to get a waiver” so as to formally opt out of the federal system. Conversations have begun as to how an alternate health care policy might look like should the waiver be granted, Welch said.

“Vermont is very supportive of moving towards single-payer, you have the entire congressional delegation you have the governor who ran on the platform of single-payer and the legislature is very sympathetic to single-payer,” he said.

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15 Comments to “Now We’re Talkin’: Vermont Lawmakers Lay Groundwork For Single Payer System In Place Of Obamacare”

  1. Yes, the Government deciding who lives and who dies based solely on “benefit” to society is a much better system….

  2. And the Government does such a great job of it.
    Medicare is Bankrupt
    Social Security is Bankrupt
    The Post Office is Bankrupt.
    So of course, they are the perfect candidate.

    • Oh because the corporations have served us oh so well. Should I go on to list all the corporations that have gone bankrupt in the last ten years? five years? one year? And they always go out of their way to make sure our needs are met. Last time I checked I can send a letter anywhere (no matter how remote the location is) in the United States for less than a cup of coffee. Ask seniors if they want to give up their Medicare.
      Give me a break.

  3. Would this include the ones that the Taxpayers bailed out whether we wanted to or not.
    And after all, Government bureaucracy is a vastly superior thing to Your Doctor and Insurance.
    As for Medicare, well, nit’s broke and it was 900% more expensive after the first 10 years.
    So the Trillion Dollar ObamaCare would then be $9 Trillion.
    So where is the money coming from??

    • Where’s your analysis coming from? Your ass?

      Medicare operates at about a 3% overhead. Private insurance operates at about a 20% overhead. That means, for every $100 dollars you spend on private health insurance, $20 goes to administration, including multi-million dollar salaries for CEOs. Private insurance rates doubled from 1994 to 2004.

      You might want to line the pockets of insurance CEOs for very little added value, but a lot of us do not.

      • Where’s your analysis coming from? Your ass?

        Heyo! – Nice Ben, its hard to accept fact when you argue from the right-wing marching orders.

        Yes, the Government deciding who lives and who dies based solely on “benefit” to society is a much better system….

        Please cite and give examples of a single payer universal healthcare system that decides who lives or dies. As a resident of a country that has universal health care, or need to go see a doctor, I simply just do that, and having already paid for the services rendered through my taxes earlier, pay nothing for the medical services dispensed to me during my visit. And I willingly pay a bit more in taxes to help people who cannot afford coverage. Human beings have a right to medical care, not just when they can afford insurance. It makes for a more civilized, just and equitable society.

        Oh, could you mention death panels too? It would greatly increase the weight of your argumentation.

  4. Dear Ben,
    Medicare is also broke.

    • No it’s not. It’s projected to be solvent for another six years. Unless some of the abuses are addressed, then it will be broke. There is also the problem with reduced revenues from the Bush recession.

  5. Dear Arborist,
    Check out Tom Daschle’s Book, The NHS and the writings and the quotes of Dr. Donald Berwick.
    You’ll find plenty of examples.

  6. Dear Be,
    It has been nearly broke for over a decade.
    The accounting shenanigans that make it “solvent” are just that.
    With 10,000 Baby Boomers a Day retiring for the Next 20 Years it’s more than broken
    And your Bush Derangement Syndrome is not very credible.

    • [And your Bush Derangement Syndrome is not very credible.]

      You’re offended by that because you’re an overemotional little sheep. No matter how much damage these Republicans do to our country, you’ll defend them and lie to do it. It’s pathetic.

  7. Your right, Ben. But I’m scared.

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