Help stop the Comcast/NBC Merger – Sign the letter

by Ben Hoffman

This deal would mean higher cable rates and less freedom of choice for American consumers, and it would give a single media conglomerate unprecedented control over the flow of information in America. Whenever the same company owns both the content and the pipes delivering that content, consumers lose.

Read more and sign the letter

It’s probably not going to do any good, since Eric Holder is a spineless wimp, just like the wimp who appointed him, but it’s better than doing nothing. Our country is turning into a corporatist plutocracy. The more media outlets a single corporation owns, the more the media they control, and those who control the media control the elections.

All these giant conglomerations that have formed since media ownership rules were relaxed back in 1995 are helping to destroy America. They make it harder for small media companies to exist. It gives us fewer choices. It stifles competition, which means it’s bad for capitalism. It’s bad for America.

So sign the letter. At least you’ll be able to say you did something, even though it’s just a symbolic gesture.


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