Trust fund baby arrested in threat to kill Democratic U.S. Rep. Jim McDermott

by Ben Hoffman

Habermann, 32, made two expletive-laced phone calls to McDermott’s office on Dec. 9, according to a criminal complaint unsealed Wednesday.

In the first call, Habermann said he’d seen McDermott on television and was enraged by his comments opposing tax cuts for the rich.

“He’s a piece of human filth. He’s a liar, he’s a communist, he’s a piece of [expletive] garbage,” Habermann said in the recorded message, according to the criminal complaint.

Habermann said George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and other U.S. founding fathers would “blow his [McDermott’s] brains out” if they met him.

Habermann then threatened to kill McDermott as well as his friends and family, the complaint says.

In a second call, Habermann said he had “a lot of money” and “a lot of friends” and that McDermott was “going down.”

Habermann left his name and phone number during both recorded messages.

He was interviewed by FBI agents the next day. Habermann told the FBI he’d been drinking when he placed the calls but said he was “functioning” and remembered leaving the messages.

Habermann said he never intended to actually harm McDermott, saying he had “too much to lose” — referring to a $3 million trust fund, according to the complaint.



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