In act of defiance, China tests stealth fighter

by Ben Hoffman

In a show of force that seemed aimed at the United States and visiting Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates, China apparently conducted the first test-flight of its new stealth fighter jet on Tuesday, only hours before Mr. Gates was to meet with President Hu Jintao.

One Hong Kong-based expert on the Chinese military, Andrei Chang, said in a telephone interview that the radar-evading plane, the J-20, flew for about 15 minutes over an airfield in the southwestern city of Chengdu. Photos of the jet in flight were also posted on unofficial Chinese military Web sites and on a computer bulletin board run by Global Times, a state-run newspaper known for its hawkish positions.


Ten years from now, China will have military capabilities that will rival our own. Just one big difference: They have trillions of dollars of cash on hand while we’ll be at least 20 trillion dollars in debt. If we get into a war with China, we’ll have to borrow the money to fight it, just like we borrowed the money to pay for the wars/occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq.

Geeeee… I wonder if China will loan us the money…


3 Comments to “In act of defiance, China tests stealth fighter”

  1. 2009: The F-22 Raptor stealth fighter was designed to defeat any threat it might face on the modern battlefield. However, earlier today an even tougher fighter based out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue shot down seven of the planes before they even got off the assembly line.

    Are you happy now?

    Adopt an Illegal Alien

  2. We won’t go to war with China, and it’s not a very big deal if they catch up to us militarily. What they’ve figured out and we haven’t is that armed conflict between large established nations is so last century. The easier, less costly, and just as ruinous way to destroy another nation is in an economic war. It’s the only type of war where if you win you’re richer for it. Trading bullets and bombs is just bad for business. Plus, we can’t borrow more money because all the money we borrowed to fight Iraq and Afghanistan came from China…

  3. Who needs an economic War when the Liberals spend $4 Trillion in 2 years.
    They just hand it to the Chinese without any fight at all.

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