Photo of Jan Brewer as a child

by Ben Hoffman

Sure, I make fun of Jan Brewer, because she’s not very bright, she’s mean spirited, and she’s trying to profit from law enforcement. But even Jan was a child once, and here is a photo of her when she was a bubbly 12 year old.


2 Comments to “Photo of Jan Brewer as a child”

  1. But don’t worry, Liberals aren’t hateful, spiteful, nasty little children who have caused all the viotriolic rhetoric with stupid stunts like thsi…Oh no. They are as pure as the driiven snow….
    Snow job that is.

    –Adopt an Illegal Alien

  2. Could you possible get more childish?
    I doubt it.
    Don’t ever buy a gun or else you’ll be a mass murderer yourself with this much contempt.

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