Obama’s reaction to Arizona shootings? A moment of silence. Pathetic.

by Ben Hoffman

Barack “the wimp” Obama today called for a national moment of silence. While we all should be praying for the recovery of all who were wounded, silence is not the appropriate response.

Obama needs to get angry. These are crimes against our country, crimes against our democracy, and are a threat to our survival.

Obama was silent when the lies were propagated about the health reform bill. Lies are still being spread about how health reform is “destroying jobs,” how it’s “putting us deep in debt,” how it’s “infringing on our personal liberties.” There’s simply no truth to those statements, yet a large percentage of the population believes those things because that’s what Hannity, Beck, Palin, and Limbaugh tell them. There were the so called “death panels,” which were optional end of life consultations with your doctor, that had these right-wingers outraged.

This isn’t the first time Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was the target of violence. Her campaign headquarters was vandalized after she voted “yes” for the health reform.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, which is termed Obamacare by the right, has outlawed many abuses by insurance companies. These abuses include canceling your insurance if you get sick or injured. It has also made it more affordable for small companies to provide insurance for their employees. We’ve seen a large spike in the purchase of insurance since those laws have gone into effect. It’s good for America.

So rather than a moment of silence, Mr. President, why not a moment of anger regarding what our country has become? It’s time you addressed the problem of people being angry with things that aren’t even real. People are convinced that health care reform is a “tremendous infringement on our personal liberties,” and that the biggest threat facing America is socialism! You’ve got to get the truth out, but I’m not holding my breath. You’ve proven time and again that you’re a spineless wimp.


2 Comments to “Obama’s reaction to Arizona shootings? A moment of silence. Pathetic.”

  1. You are correct. This attack was an attack on the very princeples of our nation. We are sinking into the lowest form of politics. Dont like what you see, than shoot it!

    And the right Wing Tea Bags run around yelling treason at anyone. If anyone is treasonous it is Sara Palin and her awful map with bulleyes and crosshairs on it. This is the time to outlaw handguns. Screw the 2nd amendment. Our country is to violent and out of control!

  2. A moment of silence is and has always been an appropriate responce toa tragety. You had no pronblem when GWB had a moment for 911 victims so it’s aparent you are just another anti Obama loud mouth.

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