2010: The Year We Lost Hope

by Ben Hoffman

Since this is the last day of the year, I need to do a year in review blog, as painful as it is. There’s not much good to report. While some decent legislation has been passed, the big issues have not been addressed.

Sure, we had the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell.” Now gays can serve openly along side gang members and other nefarious characters who the government has embraced in an effort to meet recruitment goals. Lucky them.

There was the funding for 9/11 first responders health care. The Democrats tried to pay for it by closing a tax loophole that allowed American companies operating overseas to avoid paying taxes, but Republicans would have none of that. As usual, the Democrats caved and took that provision out. Now the 4.2 billion dollars will just be tacked onto the debt.

Republicans have blocked passage of the new START treaty, even though nearly all non-partisans support it and even many partisans. Former President George H. W. Bush and all six former Republican Secretaries of State support it, yet the dimwit Republicans in the Senate have blocked its passage citing imaginary problems with it. Our security is a political issue with Republicans.

The Health care bill fixed a few problems with our insurance system, such as insurance companies canceling policies due to such things like a policy holder getting sick or injured, but it doesn’t go far enough to fix the out of control health care costs. Early in the reform debate, there was widespread support for the public option, but the Democrats took that off the table before negotiations even began.

Republicans start negotiations from the far right while Democrats start from the center. The result is inevitable. The compromise is always to the right of center.

But the biggest cause for loss of hope comes from the recent tax bill that extended tax cuts for everyone, including the wealthiest 3%. Our country is 14 trillion dollars in debt, with much of that money owed to Communist China and Saudi Arabia, as well as other authoritarian countries that are guilty of heinous crimes against their people.

Democrats claimed Republicans were holding the unemployed hostage, since unemployment benefits were tied to the tax cuts. So in order to get unemployment benefits, the so-called “compromise” consisted of extending tax cuts for the wealthy. There were other tax cuts in the bill that were originally including in the stimulus bill to appease Republicans. Somehow, those are now deemed “wins” for Democrats. Strange how that works.

So our deficits and the debt will continue to explode and bankrupt our country. The United States is the biggest debtor nation in the world. With the Republicans taking control of the House in a few weeks, there is now no chance now for tax increases to help curb the deficits. Cutting spending will increase unemployment and result in fewer services that are needed. Republicans can’t site any major programs that they’ll try to cut since it would be political suicide to cut popular programs.

And so, as we move into the new year, right-wingers will continue to march in lock-step under the Republican authoritarians. They’ll wait to respond to any and all events to find out how they should feel and what they should be outraged over. The so-called “independent voters,” otherwise known as the “low-information voters,” will continue to have their opinions change with the prevailing winds. Nothing will be accomplished in government to address the big problems facing America today.

We’re experiencing the decline and fall of America and there’s no indication that anything will be done to stop it. Or even slow the fall. Let’s just blame it on Jimmy Carter.

7 Comments to “2010: The Year We Lost Hope”

  1. You are right. We’re experiencing the decline and fall of America. Thanks to Obama.

  2. So much for “Hope and Change!”
    Oh that’s right, we aren’t a Marxist Totalitarian State yet.
    So sorry Liberals…

  3. Liberal Star Blogger Ezra Klein: Constitution ‘Has No Binding Power on Anything’; Confusing Because it’s Over 100 Years Old.
    Now that’s intellect! 🙂

    • He didn’t say that, ya little right-wing sheep. The new teabaggers in Congress plan to read the Constitution on the House floor. Klien said that it was just a gimmick and will have “no binding power on anything.”

  4. Today the top-earning 5% of taxpayers — having incomes over $159,619 — earn 35% of the nation’s income, but pay 60% of individual income taxes. This is unfair and inefficient, with estimates of as much as a $150 billion reduction in GDP each year.

    • [This is unfair and inefficient, with estimates of as much as a $150 billion reduction in GDP each year.]

      It’s not fair! It’s not fair! WAAAAAH! WAAAAAAH! Sob! WAAAAAH!

      Who estimated that? Bozo the clown?

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