CBS airs Drudge Retort ‘Desision Points’ cover!

by Ben Hoffman

Back in November, the Drudge Retort did a book review of George W. Bush’s memoir Decision Points.

In it, Bush tells how he went from a failed businessman who had never held a public office, directly to Governor of Texas, and then to president of what was the most advanced country in the world.

“I really didn’t think the people of the United Steaks were that stupid,” Bush writes, “but I guess I was miscalculated.”

Here is the original cover of the early release of the book, which we reviewed…

Apparently, that was the only honest passage in the entire book and the publishers pulled that cover in favor of the one on the book today. They also took the title from a memo written by Bush where he wrote, “Your going to call my book ‘Desision Points’. Now go write my autobiography for me and make me look good. I gotta go clear some brush.”

But CBS also used the original cover in their Sunday morning segment. They’ve since taken down the video, but not before someone make a copy of it. Here it is, courtesy of the, right at about 16.5 seconds…

NewsDay did a story on the mistake…

Fake Bush ‘Desision Points’ cover makes CBS’s ‘Sunday Morning’

Newsday editor and colleague, Alan Fallick was watching CBS’ “Sunday Morning” this past Sunday, and watched Erin Moriarty’s excellent piece on book covers – how they’re designed, how they make us buy said book, etc.

MORE:’s list of the top 10 books of 2010

But as the books flashed by, one in particular caught his eye:

“Desision Points: How I Managed to Go Eight Years without Making One Good Decision.”

It’s a joke, presumably, or a mistake, and as best I can tell, the photoshopped cover of George W. Bush’s memoir first appeared on the website “Drudge Retort” back in November.

The context was especially amusing: It pops up just as Erin says, “A good cover tells you what kind of book it is without giving too much away…”


So did website…

Yes, you’re reading that right. CBS aired a Bush book cover that says, Desision Points: How I Managed to Go Eight Years without Making One Good Decision. CBS has since backpedaled, saying it was an unintentional mistake:

Good catch: it’s a mistake no one could see because you’d have to freeze the frame to notice it. Another cautionary tale about the risks of the internet age — clearly, we have to be more careful when downloading material.


Fox “news” also did a story on it.

Okay, I’m waiting for the lawsuits to come rolling in. šŸ™‚

10 Responses to “CBS airs Drudge Retort ‘Desision Points’ cover!”

  1. Hilarious. Over at the, there’s a post on this story. The site owner explained it wasn’t his site, but yours. Which is cool, since that’s how I found it.

  2. THAT is awesome.

    We may disagree, but that is really really cool. Good for you.

    Merry Christmas.

  3. Ben – I.Am.Seriously.Impressed.

    What a great and cool thing. So congrats and Merry Christmas.

  4. The Communist Broadcast System?
    You think too much of yourself.


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