Veterans For Peace To Protest At The Capital — Headliner Daniel Ellsberg With Special Guest Star Cindy Sheehan!

by Ben Hoffman


Real Hope is about doing something. Here is an update on the veteran-led civil resistance at the White House Dec. 16.

1. Wednesday, Dec. 15: Evening gathering at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church 1525 Newton St. NW (corner of 16th and Newton Streets), where we will go over plans for the next day’s action. People can begin arriving at St. Stephen’s by 5 pm and Food Not Bombs will provide a simple vegetarian meal that evening. Daniel Ellsberg and others who will be joining us on Thursday as well as some of the organizers will speak. People can sleep at St. Stephen’s that night (bring sleeping bags) and also after 9:30 PM on Thursday night if necessary.

2. Thursday, Dec. 16: Brief motivational rally at 10 am in Lafayette Park (near the White House) with speakers: Daniel Ellsberg (of Pentagon Papers fame), subject of the documentary The Most Dangerous Man in America; Brian Becker, National Coordinator, ANSWER coalition; Peace Mom Cindy Sheehan, Peace of the Action; Ray McGovern, retired CIA officer and former U.S. Army Intelligence officer; Mike Ferner, president, Veterans For Peace; Diane Wilson, environmental activist and author of An Unreasonable Woman; Debra Sweet, Director, World Can’t Wait; Mike Prysner, Iraq vet, cofounder of March Forward!, Medea Benjamin, co-founder Code Pink and others. (more updates to follow)

From there we will do a silent vigil march to the White House (route to be determined) to take our stand for peace. You don’t have to bring signs – we’ll provide them so we can have a uniform look. At the White House, many of us will do nonviolent civil resistance, the key word being nonviolent. We want peace but we need to demand it in a dignified, determined and peaceful way. We expect everybody to observe nonviolent guidelines that will be handed out at St. Stephen’s the night before and at the rally. There will be a legal support team and legal observers on hand for the civil resistance.

3. A limited quantity of heavy duty, hooded sweatshirts (design attached) will be available at St. Stephen’s on Wednesday night. The price is $25.

Visit our website at or on facebook join our group “Take A Stand for Peace”!

See you in DC.

Veterans For Peace

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