A Fair Tax Cut Compromise

by Ben Hoffman

Obama capitulated to the Republicans without getting much in return. The Republicans are only interested in helping the wealthy. They’d vote for repealing tax cuts for the middle class as long as the rich get their tax cuts.

So the Democrats should put more demands on the table. They should say, okay, we’ll give you tax cuts for the rich, but we need some things that will create jobs domestically. We need tariffs on goods manufactured in countries that allow slave wages so that domestic manufacturers have a level playing field. We need to repeal the century old tax cuts for companies that create jobs overseas. We need tax cuts for companies that hire people here and tax penalties for companies that send our jobs overseas. We need “buy American” provisions in all spending bills. And there should be more money for rebuilding America’s infrastructure.

Doing all those things would create jobs and generate more tax revenues. Years from now, right-wing sheep would claim that the jobs were created because of tax cuts for the wealthy, but that’s just the way it goes.


One Comment to “A Fair Tax Cut Compromise”

  1. I’m routing for Liberals to get so outraged they kill the deal.
    Really, I hope it goes down in flames.
    I love the smell of pork fat burning…:)

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