Time for Obama to switch parties

by Ben Hoffman

With the recent capitulation to Republican demands, it’s time for Obama to switch parties. He is now cherry-picking economists who agree with his tax cut proposal: a typical Republican technique to defend the indefensible. The majority of Americans are in favor of letting tax cuts for the wealthy expire, but not only has Obama agreed to extending tax cuts for the wealthy, he has extended the original Republican demands to include lowering the estate tax. Obama is the Neville Chamberlain of the Democratic party.

So what should Obama have done? How about another stimulus in exchange for the tax cuts? How about tariffs on goods imported from countries that pay slave wages? How about tax cuts for companies that hire domestically and tax penalties for those that ship our jobs overseas? These are things that will actually create jobs and reduce the deficit.

Obama has no chance at this point for re-election in 2012. He might just as well do what’s right for the country. But that would require a spine, which Obama seems to lack.


3 Comments to “Time for Obama to switch parties”

  1. Exactly.
    His sanctimonious compromising philosophy has transformed him into a right-wing president. Giving more to the rich – with borrowed money – and attacking the “left”.
    McConnell should keep him for another term – and blame him for everything, when the next crash occurs.

  2. It’s bad guys, but I don’t know if it’s ..time to bail bad.

    I hate the deal..but let’s see how this shakes out.


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