Credit Card abuse: Be ready and BE CAREFUL!!!

by Ben Hoffman

I was given a Sears credit card about six months ago. I’ve never used it and never even activated it. But under their new terms, by the end of a year, I’d have a balance of $437.88 if I did nothing!

New terms: 25.24% interest with a minimum charge of $2.00 and a $35.00 late fee.


I called to cancel the card and they tried to offer me other credit! Be careful. Fascism is taking over America.

7 Comments to “Credit Card abuse: Be ready and BE CAREFUL!!!”

  1. It’s not facism if the recipient doesn’t read the card agreement and rules.

    Also, I would think you would condone such a card…the policies on that card are simliar to Obama’s economic policies for us all….LOL

  2. Credit Card abuse: Be ready and BE CAREFUL!!!

    Ahh yes, unintended consequences of letting Ass Hats run the government and pass “Consumer Protection” laws.

    This is YOUR FAULT. And you continue to vote these bastards in. You get what you deserve.

  3. Credit card contracts are notorious for being impossible to understand. Even experts can hardly decipher them. If the credit card and banking lobbyists weren’t so powerful and if the Republicans didn’t block every reasonable effort to reform the laws (the last ones that Obama achieved didn’t go far enough), we wouldn’t have so many Americans in debt. But debt makes these companies money. They WANT us to go into debt. The best thing to do is to not use credit whenever possible.

  4. Echo.
    So you’re saying the individuals running up the debt bear no responsibility. Hello!?! Sounds just like a liberal’s defense of the runaway spending of Obama and the Democratic Congress.

    I’ve had multitudes of credit cards over the course of many decades….and I have never been in over my head. Most of the time I paid my bills every month….

    The helpless little people going into debt might try that sometime instead of blaming the card company, the Republicans and Bush for all of their debt ills.

    • You should learn to read someone’s entire comment before getting all self-righteous. Did you read my last sentence? The best thing to do is to not use credit whenever possible. That’s called responsibility.

  5. I should have written, “Most of the time I paid the cards off every month….”

  6. Ignorance of the terms of the card agreement is your excuse, eh?
    So does that mean we can get out of the Health Care Mandate because no one read the 2000+ page bill, including the people who wrote it? šŸ™‚

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