Decision Points – How Bush managed to go eight years without making one good decision

by Ben Hoffman

George W. Bush to describe his decision making techniques in his new memoir: Decision Points. He’s waiting until after the elections to release it so people won’t be reminded of the damage inflicted on our country by Republicans when they controlled Congress and the White House.

Bush tells how he went from a failed businessman who had never held a public office, directly to Governor of Texas, and then to president of what was the most advanced country in the world. “I really didn’t think the people of the United Steaks were that stupid,” Bush writes, “but I guess I was miscalculated.”

Bush tells about his love of reading and how, even though our country was under attack, he couldn’t put down the book My Pet Goat.

We’ll have more on Bush’s memoir in upcoming posts.

9 Comments to “Decision Points – How Bush managed to go eight years without making one good decision”

  1. Well Obama is approaching 2 years.
    I don’t want to see what another 6 would do.
    I don’t want to live in a mud hut with a campfire and have the government provided the vegan food.

  2. u can’t honestly believe any president could do as much — or half — the damage to the entire world as GW has. the author’s comments above cite some excellent examples of his lack of intellect, but there are countless others. it’s been nearly 2 years into Obama’s 1st term, and we’re still reeling from what GW did while in office.

  3. what a dumb site, and dumb book cover – Obama has screwed this country in 2 years up far more than Bush did in 8 years – and at least Bush was proud of his country, could take criticism without acting like a little weenie. He was more of a man and president than the cowardly socialist we have in there now

  4. Ever use spell check??

  5. Bush wrote this book.

    Bill Ayers wrote Obama’s books.

    This site is a joke…Lib’s are so strange.

  6. Hey, you guys did good! You duped CBS into using your bogus book cover during a broadcast. Way to show up the lamestream media!

  7. im so sorry for white people who are so prejudice that they would literally turn the country that they profess to love and own so dearly to be destroyed rather than allow a black man to try and save it from the ruin of the last past 8 years. What in the hell is wrong with ya’ll? that degree of prejudice hatred has to be all consumming and an absolute burden. I would not let any human take up that much of my life’s energy. You guys are sick.

    • I don’t think it’s so much a prejudice against black people as it is political. Just look what the Republicans did to Clinton. Republicans are only interested in helping big business and in promoting God in order to give them an excuse for all the bad things they do.

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