World’s biggest solar power plant being developed in California! … by a German company? WTF?

by Ben Hoffman

The Obama administration is set to announce approval of a thousand-megawatt solar project on federal land in southern California, the largest in a series of solar projects given the go-ahead in recent weeks.

The Interior Department has approved a permit for what will be the world’s biggest solar power plant, on federal land in the desert near Blythe, Calif., 225 miles east of Los Angeles, according to Obama administration officials speaking on condition of anonymity because the announcement had not yet been made.

The $6 billion project is being developed by Solar Millennium, a German solar developer. At peak output, the solar farm could generate enough clean electricity to power more than 300,000 homes, according to project developers.


That shows how far we’ve fallen behind in technology. We don’t have companies advanced enough to build a project this large. Thanks, Republicans, for causing the U.S. to fall behind nearly every other advanced country in the world!

2 Comments to “World’s biggest solar power plant being developed in California! … by a German company? WTF?”

  1. And the windmills going up around the country are mostly built in China.

  2. So the “evil corporate america” and “evil capitalist” over regulation and over taxing and anti-business attitude of Liberals is finally catching up to you.

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