Right-wing morons threaten to stop watching the radio!

by Ben Hoffman

Of the thousands of complaints that have saturated NPR in the wake of Juan Williams’s firing earlier this week, some of the most telling have been from callers describing themselves as long-time “viewers” of NPR who warn that they are going to “stop watching.”

NPR, of course, does not have viewers, it has listeners. But the public radio organization has come under severe criticism — largely from people who are not listeners, it believes — for having fired Mr. Williams, an analyst who was employed by both NPR and Fox News when he said on Fox that he felt fearful when he saw people in “Muslim garb” on an airplane.


His contract was terminated, she said, because “he had several times in the past violated our news code of ethics with things that he had said on other people’s air.”

On one such occasion last year, Mr. Williams said on Fox that Michelle Obama has “got this ‘Stokely Carmichael in a designer dress’ thing going,” an allusion to a leader of the black power movement of the 1960s.

In each instance, Ms. Schiller said, “We called him on it, we had a discussion, we asked him not to do it again.” NPR’s ethics code states that journalists “should not express views” in other outlets, like TV shows, that “they would not air in their role as an NPR journalist.”

People deserve second chances, Ms. Schiller said, but “we made the decision here because, at a certain point, if someone keeps not following your guidance, you have to make a break. And that’s what we did.”

“And that is the sole reason,” she added. “This is not a First Amendment issue.”


5 Comments to “Right-wing morons threaten to stop watching the radio!”

  1. This is the one thought that keeps running through my mind regarding this whole Juan Williams affair. Why was it that Juan Williams, an well-educated man who had written some of the best work ever on the civil rights movement and the career of Thurgood Marshall, did not notice the horrible irony in the comments he made on Fox News? He spoke about being afraid of Muslims the same way racist whites talk about being afraid of blacks. He’s afraid of Muslims because they look like Muslims? Is it fair to be afraid and suspicious of black people because they’re black? Racial profiling is just plain wrong, no matter the excuse.

    • Well, it’s one thing to be afraid of them. It’s another to go on Fox “news” and say that. Obviously, he lacks judgment and integrity. In other words, he’s a perfect fit for Fox “news!”

  2. It’s always fun to see the “tolerant” and “open minded” Politically Correct eat their own.

  3. Ah, the “kind” “compassionate” “sensitive” “caring” and non-judgmental Liberal is making a funny.
    Gee I guess you’re so proud of your hubris you just have to show it off.
    Well, I will laugh will they get YOU for saying the wrong thing.

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