What’s wrong with the Democratic Party? Pelosi and Reid.

by Ben Hoffman

When we voted the Democrats into power, we thought we were getting progressive leadership. What we got was watered down bills and spineless leadership. Leadership is as important as intelligence and good policies. To get anything done in Washington requires beating the Republicans and getting the message out, and the Democrats have failed repeatedly to do that. As Anthony Weiner put it, the “Democrats come to a knife fight with library books.”

The fault lies with leadership in both the House and Senate.

When the Democrats took control of the House four years ago, Nancy Pelosi took impeachment of Bush “off the table.” We had a president who lied us into war, spied on American citizens, tortured prisoners, doubled the national debt, and politicized the justice department, yet Pelosi took impeachment off the table. If there ever was a need to impeach a president, it was during the Bush administration.

The Senate is where all good bills go to die. Since Obama took office, the Republicans have filibustered nearly every bill and nomination. The filibuster has become routine and now to get anything done requires 60 votes, which means watering down bills to garner a few Republican votes and to get the conservocrats on board. The result is garbage bills that make almost no one happy.

The answer is new leadership in Congress. It’s not too late to find out why things went so wrong with Iraq and Afghanistan. These wars have cost the lives of over five thousand Americans at a cost of some three trillion dollars, yet the Bush administration has been given a free pass. Right-wingers claim it would set a dangerous precedent to go after previous administrations. A dangerous precedent was set back in the mid-seventies when Ford pardoned Nixon. A decade later, Bush Sr. pardoned everyone involved in the Iran-Contra scandal. And now we have serious crimes where there’s not even a thorough investigation.

With Harry Reid’s leadership in the Senate, the Democrats might just as well not have a majority. Reid was an amateur boxer when he was young but he doesn’t seem to have any fight left in him. You can’t reason with irrational people, yet Reid continues to try to negotiate with those on the other side of the isle.

While the Republicans probably won’t gain control of either houses of Congress in next month’s election, there will definitely be more irrational Republicans to deal with. To get anything done will require strong leadership and we don’t have that with Reid or Pelosi.


4 Comments to “What’s wrong with the Democratic Party? Pelosi and Reid.”

  1. Not to worry. You’re about to get new leadership. Just not the leaders you hope for. But you can always move north if the dreaded Rs take control.

    I will credit you with being onto something though. Reid and Pelosi rank up there with the worst lead evah!

    • [You’re about to get new leadership.]

      Could be, and it will be the final nails in the coffin. The U.S. is dead as the great experiment envisioned by our founding fathers. We’re moving into the age of corporatism and plutocracy.

  2. Well you got ONE thing right. Pelosi needs to go.


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