GOP Ideas For Denver and America (or lack thereof)

by Ben Hoffman

Okay, who says Republicans don’t have any ideas?

Joshua Sharf supports seniors! Is against tax increases!
Ken Buck is against the stimulus bill, health care reform, and he’s against the debt! Whoooeeee! There’s a man with ideas!
Mike Fallon opposes the bailouts of irresponsible companies and is for a balanced budget! Hmmmm… how’s he going to balance the budget?

Republicans have no ideas that will make our country better and create jobs. Republicans are for outsourcing of jobs overseas. They’re for tax cuts that exploded the federal debt. They’re against the stimulus bill that has lowered unemployment and increased the GDP. They want to cut government programs but they can’t name one that they would cut if they had the opportunity. They’re against regulating the banks that brought down our economy. They want to repeal the health reform that reduces some of the abuse of the insured when it’s a bill written by Democrats but they want the same things only if they can write the bill (which they never will).

What will improve the economy? Eliminate the tax cuts companies get when they ship jobs overseas and reward companies that hire domestically. Impose tariffs on imports from countries that don’t abide by free trade agreements and those that impose tariffs on goods from the U.S.A. Improve our transportation infrastructure by building high speed rail lines, among other things. Promote a “buy American” policy. Get out of Afghanistan and Iraq and cut defense spending.

Republicans are for none of those things. They’re only interested in helping large corporations increase profits.


One Comment to “GOP Ideas For Denver and America (or lack thereof)”

  1. Hi there – Fallon’s campaign manager here. Have you ever asked Mike his opinion on how to balance the budget? He’d be happy to site down with you and discuss his ideas – yes, he has many, many ideas.

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