Quote of the day: Chris Matthews on the Chilean rescue

by Ben Hoffman

Tea Party movement’s philosophy of every man for himself, no more taxes, and no government services prompted Chris Matthews to make this comment:

“These people, if they were every man for himself down that mine, they wouldn’t have gotten out. They would have been killing each other after about two days. This is a story of how people can work together.”

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18 Comments to “Quote of the day: Chris Matthews on the Chilean rescue”

  1. Matthews is such an embarrassment to journalism. From the USA Today,

    “”Companies exist to make money, but there’s no greater satisfaction to the soul than saving somebody’s life,” said Fred Slack, vice president for business development at Schramm, the West Chester, Pa.-based company whose drill rig bored the rescue hole at the San José Mine.”

    That’s right. A for profit company helped out!

    “Another Pennsylvania firm, Center Rock, developed the specialized drill bits that ground through a half-mile of tough quartzite and silica that can easily send drill hammers off course.

    Brandon Fisher, the company’s owner, and Richard Soppe, director of construction and mining tools, spent 37 days in Chile to ensure drilling moved efficiently, said Becky Dorcon, who was acting as a company spokeswoman.”

    Kind of blows the blowhard Matthews out of the water.


    “Even subterranean food service was provided by a U.S. firm, Aramark, which devised a way to get vacuum-packed hot food down the narrow shaft, spokeswoman Kristine Grow said. Among the favorites: beef stroganoff, roast chicken, lentils and rice, all of which was subjected to a special process to prevent contamination.”

    Yeah, these greedy US companies really were looking out for themselves alright. Heck, they might even be members of the CoC.

    • Hey Ben2, indeed they were down there doing superb work, and I’ll bet some of the workers went just to help fellow miners.

      But other than the NASA people (very very instrumental), are you saying they weren’t paid?

      Of course they were. They were hired. Just like soldiers, just like ambulance drivers and EMT’s. They connect with people, they put themselves out for people all the time, but it starts iwth them being hired.

  2. I don’t know if these particular companies donated their services or not. Do you? My real focus was on the really stupid link Matthews tries to make to the Tea Party, baseless as it is. Unless you and Ben 1 have some facts to help Matthews out. Fortunately hardly anybody watches his show.

    But this just in,

    ““A few weeks ago, Oakley was approached by a Chilean journalist who was covering the rescue efforts and had recommended Oakley to the Chilean private health insurer, known as Association Chilena de Seguridad (ACHS) for eyewear protection for the miners once they surfaced,” the company said.”

    ““Based on their requirements and full product specifications, Oakley donated 35 pairs of Oakley Radar with Black Iridium lenses in Path and Range lens shapes for the miners who will need the protection… as their eyes return to normal.””

    Notice the word “donated.”

    The other part of the story is the engineering expertise these US companies provided. But do tell if you know whether they profited on these efforts.

    • “Codelco mobilised contractors and equipment from around the world to drill three separate rescue shafts. Some lay near at hand. The rig that drilled the successful shaft was supplied by a contractor at Collahuasi, a mine controlled by two multinationals, Anglo American and Xstrata . . . The government has not specified the cost of the rescue operation, though Codelco says its share has cost $15m (Collahuasi lent its equipment free of charge). ”

      From the Economist today. It seems clear that Chile hired these companies. The company that lent equipment is the one owned by two multinationals.


      • [From the Economist today. It seems clear that Chile hired these companies. The company that lent equipment is the one owned by two multinationals.]

        THAT’S SOCIALISM!!! The miners should have had to hire the rescuers themselves!

    • By the way, whether htey profited or not I’ve no idea; but if responding to disasters were always expected to be just goodwill, no one would ever see help arrive. These people are in business. they have employees. they have stockholders.

      • Moe, I beg to differ in your blanket statement, “no one would ever see help arrive.”

        I have personally witnessed numerous US companies come to the aid of a natural disaster ravaged country offering equipment and experts free of charge. Again, I do not know on this situation other than Oakley.

      • Ben2, I guess I just don’t understand your difficulty with the way the world really actually works. Of course there is charity, plenty of it and good for that company that donated the special glasses. But of course, all that proves is that Mr. Oakley is a generous soul.

        The operation was carried out by many companies from many countries who were hired and who went gladly.

        What’s not to believe?

  3. Did you see the t-shirts the miners were wearing as they came out? This Jesus is everywhere!

    From CNN,

    “The T-shirts were a gift from Campus Crusade for Christ Chile,” Fiess said. “In the front you can read, ‘Gracias Senor’ – ‘Thank you Lord.'”

    This after the audio from The Jesus film was sent in to them…and they liked it. Oh horror of horrors!

  4. “After God tried to kill them”

    I figured you’d blame the mine owner.

    • Look for lawsuits. Although, I said somewhere, whoever owns it – state or private, I don’t know – would be well advised ot make these guys very rich, very quickly.

  5. I Know!
    It was Bush’s Fault! 🙂

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