Remembering John Lennon – Would have been 70 today (Everybody sing along!)

by Ben Hoffman


The Beatles – Nowhere Man (Live in Japan 1966)



Strawberry Fields


4 Comments to “Remembering John Lennon – Would have been 70 today (Everybody sing along!)”

  1. I remember the day he died as clearly as I remember the day Kennedy died.

    I’m recording it, but did you know Ringo and Paul are on Larry King tonight? (I think they rerun it at midnight)

    • I remember that day as well. I was a diesel mechanic at the time and had the radio on while I was working. They interrupted the program to announce that John Lennon was shot. I went and told some of the guys in the service yard. We just kind of stood there in shock.

      • I didn’t know what to do with myself when I heard, so I went to the house of a friend’s brother whom I knew would be home and we just sat on the couch, watched whatever news there was and listened to records. Oh, we also called friends – kind of like condolence calls.

  2. Ooops! The links were screwed up. They’re fixed now.

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