Democrats’ Plan For America (If they had a spine)

by Ben Hoffman
  • The Bush tax cuts expire at the end of this year. We want to extend the tax cuts for the middle class but Republicans are blocking it. If Republicans get their way, taxes will go up for everyone!
  • Republicans want to gut government programs such as the Department of Education. You don’t cut government programs during a recession because many people will lose their jobs and unemployment will get even worse.
  • Republicans want even more tax cuts for the wealthy. Our country is running huge deficits and we can’t afford more gifts to the wealthy.
  • The Republicans have been rewarding companies that send jobs overseas. We want to reward companies that create jobs here.
  • Republicans are weak on security. They use money allocated to security to fatten the wallets of foreign owned companies such as Halliburton. And we can never forget how the Republicans didn’t take the threat of terrorism seriously before they allowed us to be attacked on 9/11.
  • The Democrats are making higher education more affordable.
  • The Democrats are ending the failed NCLB (No Child Left Behind) program in which the only people who benefited were corporations that made billions creating tests that should have been created at your local schools. Talk about an un-Constitutional program that intruded into the rights of the states!

6 Comments to “Democrats’ Plan For America (If they had a spine)”

  1. Thank God, yes ,God, the bozos are going to lose their absolute power in November.

  2. BTW its not that they’re painless. Of course they are. But they’re also stupid.

  3. No, I’m not drunk and only slightly crazy.

  4. Thanks for the talking Points. Too Bad you’re being mislead as usual.
    The real problem was there were enough Democrats who were willing to join Republicans on an across-the-board extension of the Bush tax cuts that it made the Reid-Pelosi position of raising taxes on some higher earners untenable, so no tax bill moved forward.

    But that was the Republicans fault too. 🙂
    You don’t cut GOVERNMENT jobs during a recession? They’ve “saved or created them” what the hell do you think all the bailouts for the unions were? The public sector has an unemployment rate of around 3%.
    We could use a little less bureaucracy.
    Class warfare, the only bastion of Liberalism.
    Weak on Security: Mr. Bow-to-Everyone and kiss Iran’s butt and suing Arizona because they want to be more secure? Laughable.
    He’s the weakest President Since Jimmy Carter.
    So where are the Jobs created by Democrats? Oh, right, they are just for their apparatchiks and not for anyone else.
    Halliburton? Again? Is this a broken record?
    What’s next Valerie Plaime?
    Some very silly rants, dear boy.

  5. Maybe we could have Stephen Colbert as the new White House Chief of Staff.

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