Obama and Family Attend Radical Church Service!

by Ben Hoffman

Obama took his family on Sunday to a religious service where they believe that some guy about 2,000 years ago was born to a virgin mother and rose from the dead three days after he died! They also believe that if you believe that story, you’ll go to some magical place after you die. They also think that by believing in that, all your sins are forgiven because the guy 2,000 years ago died for your sins. It gives these radicals an excuse for doing bad things since they think they’re forgiven by some old guy who lives up in the clouds! Unbelievable! Our president has flipped out!

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WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama and his family attended an hourlong service Sunday morning at a church just across the street from the White House.

Accompanied by his wife, Michelle, and their daughters, Malia and Sasha, Obama strolled across Lafayette Square to attend St. John’s Church. Sasha held her father’s hand as they crossed the park.

Obama has attended the pale yellow Episcopal church three times previously, as well as other churches in the nation’s capital. The Obama family hasn’t settled on a new permanent congregation since coming to Washington.

A pew nine rows back from the altar at St. John’s carries a small brass plaque designating it as “The President’s Pew.” Church history claims that every president since the nation’s fourth chief executive, James Madison, has visited.

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