Nine Years Since The Bush Administration Allowed Us To Be Attacked

by Ben Hoffman

When George W. Bush was moving into the White House, Bill Clinton warned him that Osama bin Laden would be his number one concern for security. Clinton had tried several times to kill bin Laden. The U.S. struck bin Laden’s base in 1998. Clinton was thwarted, not by Muslims protecting bin Laden, but by the Republicans in Congress who were more interested in bringing down the Clinton presidency than in protecting our country.

There were several warnings in 2001 of an impending attack. While on vacation in August of 2001, George W. Bush received a briefing entitled “Bin Laden determined to strike in US.” Bush didn’t take the threat seriously. CIA Director George Tenet didn’t meet at all with Bush during the month of August, even though intelligence had discovered that Zacarias Moussaoui, an Islamic jihadist, had been taking lessons on how to fly a 747. The CIA had issued several warnings that terrorists might fly commercial airplanes into buildings or cities. Yet Bush continued to take the longest vacation ever taken by a U.S. president. Bush had spend 40% of his time in office on vacation while bin Laden was planning his attack on the United States.

We all know the story of how Bush continued to read the book The Pet Goat and interact with children for nearly a half-an-hour after he was briefed about the attack. Those children now have the image of our Commander-in-chief sitting there doing nothing, permanently etched in their minds.

After attacking Afghanistan, Bush let bin Laden get away after having him cornered in Tora Bora.

Bush used the 9/11 attack to get his agenda passed, including tax cuts that would double the federal debt.

In 2003, in response to the 9/11 attack that was carried out by Saudi Arabians and planned in Germany, Bush attacked Iraq, getting over 4,000 U.S. troops killed at a cost of well over a trillion dollars.

Republicans are weak on terror, yet they manage to manipulate the public into thinking they’re the tough party though the mainstream media and the Republican propaganda channel: Fox “news.”

And so continues the decline of America.


17 Comments to “Nine Years Since The Bush Administration Allowed Us To Be Attacked”

  1. Ok, so you don’t like being called disturbed. How about…truly you are mis-informed, much like the birthers. Conspiracies everywhere.

  2. Finally! Glad you grew a pair.

  3. Kind of along the lines of youre earlier question about what the GOP prez and congress idd for the country – it’s fair to ask what, after all the deaths and a trillion dollars, did we get out of these wars/

  4. Moe, maybe that’s best answered by the millions of free Iraq people and the women who are no longer tortured.

  5. Moe, I was in the car when I replied before. What I’m saying is this. What did WE get out of the wars? First, Afghanistan is ongoing. Apparently Iraq is over (declared too early IMO). But in both countries, many, many peoples were freed from oppressive tyrannical rulers. That counts for something significant. Ultimately if the countries remain relatively free, the region and thus our intl. interests are better off. But one can’t deny the better situation for the people, especially the women.

    • But the people we freed are Muslims, a.k.a. terrorists. You’re using conflicting talking points, which happens when you don’t put any thought into it.

    • Much of what you say is true, but it doesn’t really count for enough. First, in Iraq most women – urban women anyway – were free, educated and modern. The Taliban made life miserable in Afghanistan. But those are not the reasons we went to war in either country. Those are side effects.

      There is human misery all over the planet. Millions are still being sold into slavery. But those can never be reasons for going to war else the whole world would be at war all the time.

      • I didn’t say those were the reasons we went, nor should those reasons alone have been reason enough. I agree they are side effects. My point was to show some of what good came out of the war. Let’s not forget that Saddaam killed hundreds of thousands of his own citizens. Ousting him was a good thing. That’s not to say our foreign policy is or has been perfect. It hasn’t, whether D or R.

      • [There is human misery all over the planet. Millions are still being sold into slavery. But those can never be reasons for going to war else the whole world would be at war all the time.]

        That is so true. But still, millions of people were freed. That’s what WE got out of it.

  6. Wrong, o great one. I’m not anti Muslim. I’m anti terrorist. Or can you show where I’ve been anti Muslim?

  7. So what do you call the 1993 WTC attack?In 1998, there were simultaneous attacks on two of our embassies. And then in 1999, the terrorists succeeded in their attack on the US Navy’s USS Cole in 1999. Seventeen sailors were killed and scores were wounded. But still Clinton took no action in either attack. That would be The USS Cole that Obama refuses to prosecute Btw. Black Hawk Down anyone?
    Millennium terrorist attack on LAX airport.

    So when is your history going to reflect the truth?
    Never, would be my guess.

    • [So what do you call the 1993 WTC attack?]

      One month after Clinton took office, the WTC was attacked. Clinton worked with Bush Sr. and those responsible were captured, tried, convicted, and are now either dead or in prison.

      It wasn’t determined who was responsible for the Cole attack until Clinton was out of office.

      [But still Clinton took no action in either attack.]

      You’re a liar.

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