Bad News For Right-wingers: The Private Sector Added 67,000 Jobs In August

by Ben Hoffman

The private sector added 67,000 jobs in August, according to the Labor Department. That was higher than consensus forecasts, and the government upwardly revised its numbers for June and July, suggesting that job creation was slightly stronger over the summer than originally reported.


Right-wingers think the Republicans will gain seats in Congress if the economy remains sluggish so this is bad news for them. After all, “Keynesian economics doesn’t work… Tax cuts create jobs… Tax increases destroy the economy… Deregulation stimulates the economy…” (Repeat ad nauseum)

The only thing that matters to right-wingers is regaining power. Getting these dumb-f*ck teabaggers elected is good for their self-esteem. It makes them feel good to have one of their own in power. Too bad it’s destroying our country.


5 Comments to “Bad News For Right-wingers: The Private Sector Added 67,000 Jobs In August”

  1. That’s not bad news for us on the right. It is pathetic and paltry, especially given what Big O and Sniden forecast, but not bad news.

  2. Back at ya. Hey Ben, you little left-wing sheep.

  3. Ok. Now that I’ve stooped to your lowness of childish name calling, I’ll try real hard not to stoop again.

  4. Ben said, “Too bad it’s destroying our country.”

    Democrats have their messiah in office as President and they hold majorities in both Houses……

    but the Tea Party and Republicans are destroying the country?

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