Glenn Beck: Restoring Honor Through Fear and Hate Mongering

by Ben Hoffman

Yes, Glen Beck is restoring honor to our country. He seems so sincere and his flock eats it up. Beck is a pathological liar and he uses his program to promote fear and hatred. You can’t blame him. There’s a big market for that kind of thing and he’s paid very well. His viewers want to be told what to think and they want the “facts” that fit the right-wing agenda. Fox provides that, which is why they have such a large audience. The word “honor” is just a buzz word for them.

26 Comments to “Glenn Beck: Restoring Honor Through Fear and Hate Mongering”

  1. Ben…This is not the ‘change’ that Obama promised.
    You need to excercise more tolerence.
    All of these words that you use are really not helping Americans right now, when unity is needed.

    • Unity behind propagandists, Jesus and corporate induced “political movements” is not a brand of unity that America needs rights now. Your devotion to this myth scares the shit out of me. Glenn Beck is one of the least tolerant people to ever rant across Fox News. He has invoked racism, Nazi-ism, islam over and over in reference to our president. Please don’t lecture Ben to be more tolerant. A little less tolerance of outright ignorance would help a lot right now.

  2. “Beck is a pathological liar and he uses his program to promote fear and hatred”

    Of must be true because Ben says so. Ha! He’s so living in your head.

  3. Ben, I happen to agree with you.

  4. Do you have any proof to your statements? I’m not a fan of Beck, but how is parading your opinions as facts any different than what you accuse him of doing?

  5. I think the next few weeks will be interesting in Beck world and tea party world. Now that the big event is over – what did he call it again? Restore Honor or something? – it’s time for ‘what now?’ Where does all that energy get to go. There was so much excitement and expectation leading up to it – so what now Glenn?

  6. Beck is a pathological liar and he uses his program to promote fear and hatred.

    Was watching Maddow last night.

    She was talking about Republicans taking the stance that abortion in cases of rape and incest is “Very Extreme”. Question: What is the Leftist version of “Very Extreme”?

    Further, she mocked Gov Christie for not being able to subtract the Ohio score from the New Jersey score to arrive at 3.0. Yet she made the same mistake.

    The Left trades in hate and fiction. When confronted with the coin of the realm, your only option is to trade in it.

    • Homework Assignment #1: Read Chapter 6 of Hitler’s Mein Kampf, then write a brief summary of what you learned. Compare the effective techniques of media propaganda as a means of social control employed by Fox News with the actual factual reporting by MSNBC. Get back to us when you have a sufficient understanding of “hate and fiction”.

  7. Oh, and here is another “hate” and fear monger” who spoke at Beck’s rally,

    “[Martin Luther} King’s niece Alveda King, an anti-abortion activist, addressed Beck’s rally with a plea for prayer “in the public squares of America and in our schools.” Referencing her “Uncle Martin,” King called for national unity by repeatedly declaring “I have a dream.””

    The haters were everywhere!

  8. I guess when Beck fully aligns his creepy theocratic politics with a state run by corporate thugs, which can’t be too far off in the future or else they wouldn’t be so riled up… maybe then these sheople commenting on “liberals” and confusing Alveda King for anything near what her uncle represented will remember the day you tried to warn them about the impending American fascist movement. Probably not. But maybe.

  9. Where would you like me to mail your tinfoil hat to?

  10. watchinggovernment, you’re comical.

  11. Ben: Nonsense, although sending them all to some quarantined island might not be a bad idea.

    -Or maybe like the ghettos as in Nazi Germany?

    Really Ben…your thought process is very…NOT Jewish.

    • Why? You don’t want to live on an island with a bunch of other right-wingers? You could have a completely free market economy, no regulation, you could teach “intelligent” design instead of science, you could ban abortion in all cases, and best of all… Glenn Beck could be your king! 🙂

  12. Serious irony: T-shirt that says “Don’t Let the Lying Whores of the Media Tell You What to Think”, worn by a supporter listening to Beck & Palin.

  13. Sinclair was wrong, it is an “O” sign.

    Ben, I have many liberal friends that do not want me sent to a mental ward or an island, because I am a leader in my community.

    Glenn Beck could be your king!
    Ben, you will find that most real conservative Americans dont like Beck, and consider him to be phoney. I am one of them.
    the only thing I take up for with Beck, is his right of free speech.

  14. Palin; another strange little girl. I didnt vote for McPAIN. There is some speculation about Palins possible fake pregnancy with Trig.. I wonder..
    She is not presidential material, as is not Obama, or Bush before him- ALL losers, imo.
    I just went Bob Baar, this way I am in no way responsible for this absolute mess.

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