Glenn Beck “Restoring Honor” Rally

by Ben Hoffman

Here is an excerpt from the rally guide:

THROUGHOUT history America has seen many great leaders and noteworthy citizens change her course. It is through their personal virtues and by their example that we can live as a free country. On August 28th, come celebrate America by honoring our heroes, our heritage and our future.

Today, we have people in government trying to make health insurance more affordable and trying to regulate the very banks that destroyed our economy. As Abraham Lincoln once said, “Ours is a country of the wealthy, for the wealthy, by the wealthy, not these freeloaders who want the government to take care of them.” We must end the Democrats’ fascist governance. Our founding fathers wanted our country to be a plutocracy, not a democracy. It’s time to end the tyranny.

Our government has passed a stimulus bill that is providing money to rebuild our country’s infrastructure, develop new, clean and renewable energy technologies, upgrade our electric grid, and many other communistic activities. All this spending is benefiting the poor and the middle class and making our country better. It’s un-American.

Join Glenn Beck (who once took a college class), 1/2 term governor Sarah Palin and many more blithering idiots for this non-political event where we don’t mention even once how the Democrats are destroying our nation. We will not talk about how Obama is a Muslim and wasn’t born in the United States. It’s completely not-political. Really. Seriously. Well, maybe a little political. But we’re just trying to pay tribute to America’s upstanding citizens (non-Democrats) who embody our nation’s founding principles of integrity, truth and honor.

Our freedom is possible only if we remain virtuous and follow blindly. The great prophets Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin will tell you what and how to think. We’ll give you the real facts that only we know (because we made them up). Not like the “lame stream media” that doesn’t support our version of reality.

Note: This rally takes place in the Washington near Virginia — not the one in the northwest.

6 Comments to “Glenn Beck “Restoring Honor” Rally”

  1. That’s funny. Hey, I wonder how many people Trish, I mean Chris, Matthews or Olbermann and Maddow could rally. Could they get all 300 of their viewers to show up?

  2. Man, I clicked over to Glenn’s FB page to see some live streaming. Oh my! The hateful things they are saying. Oh my! This needs to stop. Hate filled stuff. It’s awful. Not.

  3. Couple of real hate-mongers just spoke…Tony LaRarussa and Albert Pujols. It’s awful.

  4. Why don’t you watch or listen? Might have some misconceptions cleared up.

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