BP: Aiding and Abetting Terrorists

by Ben Hoffman

WASHINGTON (AP)– The four senators from New Jersey and New York are asking the State Department to investigate whether oil giant BP played a role in winning last year’s release of the man convicted of the Lockerbie airliner bombing.

The request to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton came a day after the same senators asked her to press the British government to look into the circumstances surrounding the release of the convicted bomber, Abdel Baset al-Megrahi.

In the second letter, the four Democrats said they were concerned BP may have put profits ahead of justice in the al-Megrahi case, given the petroleum giant’s current handling of the Gulf oil spill.

“Evidence in the Deepwater Horizon disaster seems to suggest that BP would put profit ahead of people — its attention to safety was negligible and it routinely underestimated the amount of oil gushing into the Gulf,” according to the letter from Kirsten Gillibrand and Charles Schumer of New York and Frank Lautenberg and Robert Menendez of New Jersey. “The question we now have to answer is, was this corporation willing to trade justice in the murder of 270 innocent people for oil profits?”

The aim of the investigation, they wrote, was to “fully determine the legitimacy of the decision to release this mass murderer and to fully understand the source of revenue streams for this corporation, which owes American taxpayers and coastal families billions of dollars.”

BP signed a $900 million exploration agreement with Libya in May 2007, the same month that Britain and Libya inked a memorandum of understanding that paved the way for al-Megrahi’s release from a Scottish prison. At the time, BP said it told British officials to quickly seal a prisoner transfer agreement with Libya but did not mention al-Megrahi.

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3 Comments to “BP: Aiding and Abetting Terrorists”

  1. Mr. Hoffman,

    Anything that Chuck You Schumer has a hand in is strictly political, unethical, and most likely dishonest. This sounds like a political smoke screen . Democrats have a lot of blame for how the response to the spill was handled. Also for their lack of oversight of BP’s ocean drilling.

    So Hypocrats are doing what hypocrats do best. They are ginning up more hatred for BP to shift the focus off of themselves.

    Why else would this come out now ? Why not before the spill ?

  2. Mr. Hoffman,

    ” Is your PMS acting up? ”

    (Perfectly) (Mastering) this (Session) of your blog. Why yes .

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