Scholars Rank Obama the 15th Best President

by Ben Hoffman

A group of presidential scholars has ranked President Obama as the 15th best U.S. president of all time, a new survey shows, while his predecessor, President George W. Bush, is relegated to the bottom five.

Mr. Obama also has an advantage in the rankings over President Ronald Reagan, who came in 18th, but President Bill Clinton beats them both in 13th place.

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How the hell did Reagan come in 18th. He was a horrible president.

3 Comments to “Scholars Rank Obama the 15th Best President”

  1. Reagan came in 18th the same way Obama came in 15th.
    What’s funnier than that, all the others aren’t in office. If Obama is 15th now, gawd I can’t wait to see where he stands after his term is up.

  2. Just shows that “scholar” has little meaning. But hey, he can put this award next to his meaningless Nobel.

  3. You know that is bogus when Jimmy Carter is 32nd. The guy should be dead last. Also how can you rank Obama when he has only had 1 and a half years to screw America.

    I wonder if these are the same clowns who gave Obama an Oscar, no wait an Emmy, now I remember, a Nobel Peace prize for what he might do in the future.

    Talk about a mean nothing survey. Talk about the Liberal establishment propping up their idiot. I wonder if these were the guys who got Obama into Harvard?

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